Wednesday, January 5, 2011

May bagong salita na si baby!

We took some videos during our trip to Baguio that I'd like to share, but they are taking some time to upload. While we're waiting, let's have a look at this video of Malik saying "papa" -

Before we forget and get all excited, remember Malik said "mama" first. Aha! In fairness to Pao, that was just baby babble. In contrast, I think now Malik knows how to intentionally imitate sounds. He knows "ate" and "daddy" too but  still doesn't associate these words with people. A start is that he will heartily tap his tummy when asked the question "Where is Malik?" Great going, anak! Good thing you watch videos of Marion...


  1. ok stage mother ako.napa-clap din ako dun!go malik!

  2. Golds, my next project is to take a video of Malik showing off his tricks. Marunong siyang mag-"shembot"! Haha I'm sure you have no idea what that is. Google it. At abangan!


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