Monday, January 17, 2011

Next up, Football

[Facebook is overtaking posts in this blog! So sad. Anyway, since my mom doesn't have access to the social networking site, I will continue to post pictures of Malik here even when similar pictures have probably already been uploaded elsewhere. Sigh. Very well then, moving on...]

After trying out basketball and horseback-riding, we are happy to announce that Malik has taken an interest in another sport - football!

Malik: "O, ha?"

To be honest, I was just rummaging through Malik's clothes one weekend and chanced upon this football jersey that was given to Malik when he was just a teeny-baby (Thanks Minnie!). The shirt says "Manchester United," which I am not familiar with. I have neither the energy nor the interest to Google the team so please bear with my ignorance. Heehee

As luck would have it, Malik was also gifted this stuffed football a while back (Thanks Mitch!). This ball makes a funny "boink-ing" sound when you throw it.

Malik alternately kicked and ran after the ball, but he soon lost interest after we took these pictures. I personally do not mind anymore if Malik takes a liking to this sport. I've come to realize that most football players are pogi, as evidenced by this photo of the Philippine Football Team -

(Click to enlarge)
The Azkals (backrow first, clockwise from L-R) - pwede, pwede, pwede, hindi pwede, pwede, pwede, pwede, pwede, hindi pwede, OO NAMAN, pwede....

Malik "Pogi Boy" Zamora should fit right in! On a related note, I've been told that the Philippine rugby team is more pogi. Let me see -

Photos from Jessica Zafra


  1. hahaha i approve of the objectification of men, particularly our soccer and rugby players.

    have you seen pictures of harry morris and jake letts of the philippine volcanoes? duuuude.

  2. Harry Morris for the win! Grabe.

  3. na-ooffend ako sa mga nababasa ko dito.saan na ang gender sensitivity, aber?!

  4. Dear Friends, naturally, I Googled "Harry Morris" and "Jake Letts" and am now having a hard time deciding who is hotter. I was leaning towards Harry Morris but found that picture of him pretending to stab his heart by pointing a plastic sword to the right of his chest, and got turned off. Considering however, that very little intellectual discussion will transpire if I ever meet Harry Morris, I am reconsidering. I will have to get back to you on this.

  5. P.S. Noticed just now, why are they practicing barefoot? Eeek.

  6. dear gladi, the picture of harry with a sword on a bed was for a litwit challenge which jessica zafra hosts. she posts a picture or gives a prompt, her readers write a story about it, posts it on her blog, and the best one wins a new book. astig di ba?
    so yeah, what i'm trying to say is um, the pic is for a good cause? also he's hot. and allegedly smart AND funny. so its all good.

    and golds,gender sensitivity talaga? haha don't make me divulge our latak conversations about our rugby and football players, and well, men in general.


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