Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Reveal

Dear Ma, seeing that GMA7 does not yet have the equivalent of The Filipino Channel (TFC) over there, I took the liberty of finding a video on YouTube that will give you an idea of what the 'Shembot' is -

I know, I know. It also hurts my eyes. To reduce the pain to a manageable level, I suggest you watch second 0.10 to 0.20 only. The rest of the dance number was performed with the specific intention of annoying us. Trust me, the 10 seconds that I mentioned are enough to help you understand why this video of Malik is funny -


  1. Omigosh! This is so adorable--Malik doing Shembot. And yes I agree with you, people must be spared from shrunk-leather clad women dancing on Primetime. Leave the Shembot moves to the cute babies please. Go Malik! :D~Normi

  2. Ka-aduwa Normi no? Haha Buti pa si Malik, cute.

  3. perfect lunch time malik ha, hindi itong mga nasa unang video

  4. Shembot!! Omg, at the office Christmas party Aira (from Survivor) danced to this and I was shocked at how she could... vibrate. Hahaha.

    Cutie pie, Malik!


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