Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Review (Sort Of)

There's really nothing spectacular about this video. Basically, this is what we do when we get home from work - play with Malik and annoy the living daylights out of him. Teehee This video is unique, however, in that it was taken using Pao's new iPod Touch!

You probably noticed the screen's tighter, but it turns out I could have changed the orientation of the iPod and the video would have turned out differently. The quality's not that bad no, considering this was taken with a gadget only several centimeters thick. Just read over the Apple website that the video is actually HD (That means "High Definition," dad. Haha). Although the above doesn't look very-HD to me, I am more than happy with the quality.

What actually amazed me was that I was able to upload the video directly to YouTube from the iPod. Uploading time was quick! Amazing. I will make sure to use this feature a lot for the blog. Yey.

Malik: "That's me, mommy!"

By the way, the new iTouch has cameras on both sides. All I had to do was tap an icon in the display to reverse the camera, and that enabled me to take this picture without having to turn the iPod around. Malik was pretty amused. He was smiling at himself the entire time!


  1. Same features with iphone4. Tell pao mag facetime si calleigh and malik! :) hehehe! Meron din nabibili gadget (forgot lang yung tawag dun) na pwde lagay sa likod ng itouch then you can use it as phone na din. Worth 3k ata. Hehehe!

  2. Hey Mishee, saw that in a bazaar at the SMX. Mahal, 6K yata. Idagdag ko na lang yun sa bayad sa iTouch to pay for an iPhone4! Teehee


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