Friday, January 21, 2011

Thai Dara

Since it's almost the weekend and the two people who read this blog may be looking for something new to try, I recommend this small Thai restaurant along Gilmore Avenue (Granada St.), beside the now famous Mien San Noodle House. The place is called Thai Dara. Here, have a look -

I love that the restaurant is small and the interiors are inviting. The place really does remind you of Bangkok, from the writings in the wall, to the Thai pop music that plays in the background. Even their utensils are served in these aluminium containers, like the smaller canteens selling street food in Thailand. Everything looks authentic. Aprubs.

I feel sorry for the people who were there while we were eating. The feel of the restaurant might have been slightly impaired by the sound of a squealing baby in the name of Malik. We also ate with another family who had twin boys with them, one of whom was very "vocal." I would have hated the parents, who were unable to control their kid, had I not been able to empathize. Anyway, I hope that when you go, there wouldn't be any noisy kids around. The place is too intimate for that.

Hoy, Malik. What do you think you're doing?!
I recommend the hearty soups, which cost around PhP200 per serving. Other items in the menu range from PhP99 to PhP150. I think these are reasonable prices, considering that a serving is big enough for two. Here's what we had -

Tom Ka Gai = Love.

Bagoong Rice or as the Thai call it, Kao Klook Kapi.

Pork Satay - Not spectacular but good enough.

Chicken Pandan - Not a fan at all. I suggest you just skip this. The chicken, which tasted burnt, was ironically undercooked. Hmmm.

I would definitely go back for the Tom Ka Gai because that's something we wouldn't know how to cook at home otherwise. That the staff is friendly and efficient is a plus. I actually think they're psychic. As in they know what you want before you even call them over! Amazing.

To read more about Thai Dara, click here.


  1. glaaadi, parang ang bakit bglang dumadami ang thai and french restos ngayon?mapuntahan nga 'to.

  2. Masarap yung soups Golds. Umuulan pa. Bagay!


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