Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is how I roll

My friends on FB already know this (Nakanaman!) but I still just want to share that we bought Malik's first tricycle over the weekend! Whoopee. Here are photos of Malik at the "bicycle shop" -

Malik: "How 'bout this one, mommy?"
Me: "Anak, kasing-mahal na ng tuition ko dati sa U.P. yan."
You remember Malik liked Mae's tricycle while we were in Baguio. We allowed him to ride on it even though it was painted entirely in pink because Malik did not know any better -

Mae's tricycle 

Malik borrowing Mae's tricycle (Mae is suspicious. Teehee)
We found the bike's twin brother in our usual Department Store so we bought it. Actually, it was bought with some of the riches given to Malik for Christmas. If you gave Malik aguinaldo, this is where your aguinaldo probably went (I just had to disclose that. Whew.)

Malik rides his tricycle in the morning and in the afternoon. I took pictures of him this morning -

Malik: "You want to hitch a ride, dad?"

(Click to enlarge.)
- and found out he likes to ride his bike because he gets to step on the pavement barefoot! Aha!

I have now advised Ate Bear to kindly make Malik wear sandals/shoes before they go out. I hope she remembers because my mom will go crazy if she doesn't. Germs! Ewww.

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