Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wala pa nung Walking Wings

Malik got a couple of these last year -

Walking Wings

One from my law school friend, China and another from our high school friends, Kenneth and Rona. The product was made for babies just learning how to walk. The idea is, instead of holding them up by the arms like this -

Bad for our backs and dangerous for baby
We can stand straight and hold them up like this -

Lolo Doc and Malik tried one out as soon as Malik turned one year old -

Malik: "Napagod na ako ma."

Before this contraption was invented, however, our parents used lampin (good 'ol cloth diaper) wound under our armpits to help us walk. Ate Bear says she uses this technique for Malik in addition to encouraging Malik to push a monobloc stool around the house. The lampin or the monobloc helps with Malik's balance. So while in Baguio, I remembered these DIY alternatives to Walking Wings and the experiment resulted in this -

What do you know, the lampin works!


  1. yaiks! just bought one yesterday. ^^ heehee! i-blog ko pa lang ngayon. hahaha!

  2. Okay naman sya Mishee. Just sayin you can pull a McGyver should you accidentally leave your Walking Wings at home.


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