Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's up, Malachi?

I'm in a sad place right now. Luckily, the feeling only involves that portion of my life that is least significant. My "medyo sad" phase has, however, affected my blogging streak. I've lost my blogging mojo. Huhu To get back on track, I will attempt to write a lighthearted post. And everyone knows, the foolproof way of writing something without having to think so much is by making a list! Yey. Behold -

Malik's Five New "Things" 

[Writer's/Editor's/Publisher's Note: This is not necessarily a list of things new to Malik's toy chest. This is more a list of people, places, activities, and other stuff that interest Malik at, let me see, exactly 1 year and 2 months old. Happy Birthday Son!]

1.  Malik likes my guitar. We let him play with the strings once in a while, but my Yamaha is old and hence, fragile. It was given to me as a gift when I was 13 by my cousin Ihra. I hope to pass it on to Malik when he's older and able to appreciate the beauty of a fine acoustic guitar.

"Stone Temple Pilot's coming to Manila, mommy. Are we going?"
In the meantime though, Malik's playing with his toy guitar from Ninong PJ and Tita Chol! Woothoot.

2. Malik likes to step on his toys. For what reason, we don't know. He does this especially to battery-operated, musical toys. Malik isn't the thinnest of babies so naturally, he's destroyed several toys already by treating them as platforms.

"I am the captain of this playpen. Atenshun."
3. Malik likes to play "tent". I discovered this one morning when I accidentally placed a blanket over our heads in bed.

"What you do is just lift this here, see.."

"...and you get an instant toy!"

4. Malik likes this plastic cane. He carries it with him everywhere - even to the loo! This used to form part of the toy that Ninang Ana got for Malik at Burnham park, but the helicopter attached to it has since disappeared and Malik couldn't care less. Teehee


AFTER: "Ops."

5. Finally, Malik likes to take out most of the letters in his puzzle mats. He does this the moment he enters our room. With-out-fail. Everything's a lovely mess because of it.

"I'm busy working here, mommy. Stop taking my pictures!"

TV break.
Okay, that's it. I hope tomorrow my post will make better sense. I don't like it when I ramble. Garrulous Gladi. That's me.


  1. I hope your happy place will invade your sad place soon, fast and completely. :-)

    Your boys are looking strong, happy & healthy. :-)I hope Marion and Malik get to play some time. :-)

  2. They should! Let's find a conveniently-located jungle gym where they can meet other babies and play. Yey!


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