Tuesday, January 18, 2011


All working moms know, one of the most difficult things to accomplish when raising a baby is finding a trust-worthy yaya who will love your child like her own and will take care of him capably while you are away. We've had hits and misses (mostly misses) with Malik. After many many tries, we found Ate Bear -

We like her. Although her education is humble, she is practical, easy to train and most importantly, gets along with Malik well. The downside is that she is sometimes unreliable, in the sense that she's often failed to come back to work on time after taking the weekend off, which has resulted in Pao or myself having to take leave from our jobs. Ate Bear also has a stubbornness about her. Except at Malik, she seldom smiles. She looks grumpy and irritable when she's being told to do something, like that time I asked her to give up one weekend off because I was suffering from bad colds and couldn't take care of Malik. Ugh.

I realize, finding and keeping a yaya requires a little trade off. Because Ate Bear takes good care of my son and because I sometimes see her kissing Malik's feet when she thinks I'm not looking, I find myself intentionally overlooking her little faults.

This is a nice picture. Click to enlarge.
I do not know if this is good household management. But I know that it is good parenting. So long as Ate Bear loves Malik, I am fine. I'll take whatever else comes with the package.


  1. Hehehe! Hirap talaga no! "ate" din ni calleigh madaming sablay pero minor lang naman. At nakikita ko din kiss niya si calleigh lalo na pag playing sila and tawang tawa sila sa paglalaro. Dedma nalang atleast "love" nila alaga nila. Im sure nag toothbrush naman sila "ate" at wala naman silang sakit. Hehehe!

  2. Deadma is the word! I'm actually scared for the time when Ate Bear tells us she's leaving for greener pastures. Everyday I pray that doesn't happen. Hay.

  3. haha! baka nag papa increase na! wichikels! ^^ ako sabi ko every 6 mos increase ng 500 pero dipende sa performance nya. so far wala naman major sablay. ^^


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