Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All this trouble for a notepad

Hello you guys! Did you miss me? *pa-cute face* My mom's busy with the thing she calls "work" so she asked me to guest blog for a couple of days. I tried to cry my way out of it, because I've been really busy with my puzzle mats, but she wouldn't budge. So here I am.

Today I'd like to share that mommy let me ride the car one morning so I can sit on this box and look at a camera.

I wasn't happy at first because I had to wake up at an ungodly hour and worse, leave the house without taking my bath!

This is me, bright and early!
But Ate Bear distracted me with funny noises again and she let me drag her all around the waiting area -

- so I had no choice but to laugh. Heehee

Mommy tells me I met people there, whom my mom knew from "when she was young." One appeared to be mommy's grade school teacher, Ms. Venus, who recognized mommy from afar probably because of her forehead. And another was my good Aunt Vicky, who was also scheduled to have her picture taken on that day.

Because I was very good and cooperative, and because I behaved long enough to sit on the box (see above), mommy expects to receive a small notepad in a few days in the mail. They call that notepad a "passport," which mommy says is evidence that I am a Filipino and that I can now ride a plane. Hooray.

See you tomorrow,

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