Saturday, February 19, 2011

B&T Mexican Kitchen

I like cheese. I especially like fried food with cheese, which is why I like the Frito Burrito over at the B&T Mexican Kitchen -

Wait. This is not the Frito Burrito. This is a photo of Malik and me. Teehee
Now this is the Frito Burrito, made with Carne Asada. "Carne Asada" is just a shmancy term for beef cut into cubes. This is okay, but the next time we go I'll probably have the Barbacoa or shredded beef, which is much tastier. Will also try the Frito Burrito "wet" the next time. This means they'll cover my already fried burrito with salsa, guacamole and some more cheese, melted with a hand-held torch. Nomnomnomnom.
We also had -

Quesadilla with Chicken Chipotle - I'm not a fan of the chicken chipotle. Found the chicken dry and the taste too "exotic." But in fairness to B&T, my feelings towards this dish may also be due to the fact that I was already full by the time this was served. 
Crunchy tacos - two with Barbacoa and one with chicken. I repeat. I loved the Barbacoa. I will try it in my Frito Burrito next time!
Prices (around PhP350 for a dish) are the same as in Ristra's but B&T gets plus points in my book because it's nearer our home and parking is easier. Other than these personal preferences, however, you'll notice everything about B&T will remind you of Ristra's. This blog says B&T is owned by a former Ristra's partner. They apparently had a falling out and that explains that. 

B&T Mexican Kitchen is located at the Sekai Building, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan. They're in a building just before Charlie's. Look to your right when you're heading towards Santolan Road. When you see Masuki, you've reached your destination. Enjoy!

P.S. Sorry for the crappy pictures. As you may have guessed by now, I just appropriate Pao's phone for when I feel like blogging about the places that we go to. Anyway since this is a personal blog and no one's getting paid for anything, the crappy pictures serve their purpose no? Aprubs.

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