Friday, February 25, 2011

Bagong Luma

You folks know, I love vintage fashion. I love that our lolas always looked "proper" in those days and I am fascinated by the effort that went into looking that presentable (Can you imagine how much time they must have spent making those beehives out of their hair? Amazing.). Although I adore vintage fashion, I cannot make myself buy used clothing. It's just not my cup of tea (at least not yet). So I show my support for vintage by following blogs like Sally Jane Vintage, Dear Golden, and Fancy Fine and oggling at these ladies' fantastic vintage finds.

Thanks to local fashion retailer Bayo, my problem has been solved. Lately, Bayo's been churning out vintage-inspired clothing. I've purchased some dresses from their collection and I'd like to share them with you -


The prints and cuts of these dresses are as close as they can get to authentic vintage. You should also know that Bayo's been selling these types of dresses for some time now, which may mean that vintage has caught the attention of the brand. I hope so. At least now I can get my vintage fix without having to deal with the vintage smell, and well, my fear of a vintage ghost following her vintage dress. ;p

Retail prices begin at PhP1,195

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