Thursday, February 10, 2011


Oh my. It looks like it's been days since I wrote anything on the blog. Sorry for neglecting you, greatest personal blog of all time. It's just that I've been in Cebu for the last three days and could find neither time nor WiFi signal to write.

I can't show you around the city, unfortunately. We were really there for work, so I got to explore only during the few hours before our flight back. I do have some bad pictures to show for my trip. If you care to see, here's where we had an entire slab of the tenderest baby back ribs for only PhP188 -

Casa Verde - #69 Lim Tian Teng St., Cebu City
Also has branches at the IT Park and the Ayala Terraces

Brian's Ribs - doesn't look appetizing in this photo but this is really good!

Another place of interest is Casa Escano - which is a home along Juana Osmena Street, built during the 1950s, that has been converted into a bed and breakfast. Two words come to mind when you see this place: Family and Tradition. Someday, our home will look like this. And the next time we go to Cebu (on vacation!), I'll make sure to book us a night at the Escano's home.

Casa Escano - #94 Juana Osmena St., Cebu City

(All photos from the Casa Escano website)

At the Casa Escano, you'll get to buy Belgian Lace Cookies by Les Chocolateries. A Belgian Lace Cookie is basically a thin film of real Belgian chocolate sandwiched between layers of thin oatmeal (?) cookie made to look like lace.  The cookies come in the following varieties: dark, semi-sweet, white and mint.  My officemate was raving about these cookies all the way to the store. I'm not a fan, honestly. I find them too sweet and they're also not very cheap. The small tub (400g) costs around PhP430. The bigger tub (600g) costs around PhP600. Nonetheless, I bought a small tub so Pao can get a taste.

Photo credit: Trip or Treats

(Photo from the Les Chocolateries' website)

So that's it for the last three days. I'm back at work but still feeling drained from all the thinking that we've been doing. Anyway, I'm just glad I'm home. Nothing beats the sound of Malik's laughter in the afternoon.

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