Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm a fan of products made by G.I.G.A* Ventures - a company that began as a husband and wife garment-importing business,  that has now expanded to sourcing and distributing all-natural lifestyle products. Giga sells soaps, aromatherapy, baby and  pet care items made from ingredients like virgin coconut oil (VCO) and beeswax. I have not tried the soaps but have given some away as presents (The peppermint soap smells so good). I am, however, a fan of the following -

My poging poging son Malik and yes, that bottle that he's holding.
Giga Baby Insect Repellant Spray (PhP165) - Unlike the VCO-based lotion that we previously used, the scent on this one isn't overpowering. The smell actually reminds me of Nenuco and there's value for your money here too, since a bottle will last about a month. If you decide to try this out, remember to specifically ask for the Giga Baby Insect Repellant because Giga also has an insect repellant for adults.

Giga Baby Cold Rub (PhP85) - Remember when we were kids, our parents would put Vicks Vaporub on our chest to make us feel better when we're sick? Giga's Cold Rub serves the same purpose except it's milder because it's made with VCO.

Giga No Pain Balm (PhP85) - This now occupies the space in my bag that was heretofore occupied by White Flower and Advil capsules.

I've been an unpaid endorser of the No Pain balm since I discovered it some months ago. I used to use old-school White Flower for my migraines, but found that the No Pain balm is so much more effective. I especially love that I don't smell old when I use it and it doesn't sting even when I slather an insanely huge amount on my temples. 

Malik: "Giga, hindi lang pang-pamilya. Pang-isports pa."
To learn more about Giga and find out where you can purchase their products, click here.

Photos (except those of the poging poging baby) are all from Giga's website. 
* G.I.G.A stands for 'God Is Good Always'. Awwww.

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