Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy V-Day

So, how was everyone's Valentine's Day? Every year, I tell Pao not to buy flowers for me anymore because those things are getting pricier each year. Still, he sends me a dozen flowers for Valentine's without fail. Yikee. As expected, this package arrived for me yesterday. I didn't open the box at work because the label read "one dozen yellow roses" which was what Pao got for me last year. Ho-hum.

But as you can see, the label is mistaken. Look what I got - a dozen yellow tulips! I'm impressed.

Malik got first dibs on the box.
I seldom (or maybe never) give Pao anything for Valentine's. I'm guilty of advocating that Valentine's Day is meant for wooing women rather than men. Yesterday though, I noticed that Pao was rushing to have his jeans ironed early in the morning. Yun na lang daw ang kasya kaya kailangan plantsahin. Toink. I thus took the opportunity to buy Pao new pants. It was admittedly not very romantic of me, but my husband appreciated the gesture and that's all that matters.

Pao: "Parang maliit ang kahon para sa rubber shoes."
Inspector Malik: "Wait dad. Let me just check if everything is in order. Hmmm. Okay. You can open it now."

Pao: "Bakit 3_? 3_ lang ang bewang ko!"
Pao [sinukat ang pantalon]: "Ah. Kasya lang pala." Teehee
Meanwhile, we received Malik's passport yesterday. I let the little boy hold it for a while to see how he looks like in his passport photo. Malik approves.

Inspector Malik: "Wait mom. Let me just check if everything is in order. Hmmmmm. Okay. You can keep it now."

We didn't go out anymore and instead had our usual dinner at home, while watching TV Patrol. We then spent the rest of the evening cocooned in our room watching the last two episodes of Glee.

And that, my friends, was how this year's Valentine's Day went. Bow.


  1. H! I'm your newest follower! Awww so sweet and Malik is so adorable! I got a dozen roses too, but I always tell my hubby to be practical (effect! :-) Sadly, since I'm a SAHM, I wasnt able to get him anything...only Love, Hugs and Kisses! :-)...haha! Enjoy!

    Chic & Sassy Homemaker

  2. Thanks for visiting Des. I hope you have fun looking around my little corner in cyberspace. :)


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