Friday, February 18, 2011

Live Curious

Like I said, my sister will not approve of my parenting style. She does not like exposing her kids to "germs" and if she had her way, I'm sure she'd rather lock her children up in their house and wrap them in plastic. Haha  As for my parents, well, I remember only one instance in my childhood when I was allowed to play in the rain. I feel so deprived because of this. So my goal is really to let Malik have a childhood that is farthest from my own. He should travel a lot, learn how to use a skateboard, and play with kids on the street until I holler for him to come home for dinner.

Luckily, Pao and I agree that the best way to teach Malik is to let him explore by himself. I have not read a single parenting book so I really can't cite proper authorities for what I'm about to say. But my theory is that, to raise successful individuals, the key is to encourage curiosity. Consistent with this theory, we allow Malik to -

Run around the house all sweaty
Play half-naked (he's a boy anyway!)
Sit on the floor after running around the house all sweaty and half-naked
Watch a little NBA TV
Watch some TV after sitting on the floor and running around the house all sweaty and half-naked
Write on things...
... but only with water!
Climb on things...
... but only under adult supervision!
Swim in a sea of colorful balls
And throw those balls around if he likes
Malik is becoming Malik-ot and Makulit now. He likes to tug at things, drop them on the floor (possibly to see if they will break or not), and push on buttons of electronic equipment. All of this is okay because I observe Malik still knows when he's supposed to behave. We've never had to spank him (thank God!) and it surprises me how he knows he's doing something that upsets me because I tell him so. Bright kid, this Malachi.

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