Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I decided over the weekend, that Malik's Polliwalks needed alternates so we went on a mission to buy new walking shoes. Our feet led us to 158 Designer's Boulevard in Trinoma, where we bought the cutest Superga sneakers for Malachi. Here is pogiboy enjoying a stroll in the store in his new shoes -

We were ready to go with Malik's shoes in the bag. Honest Pao, I wasn't planning on buying new shoes for myself. (I've been counting the pairs that I bought this year, in my head. The tally ran to 4 pairs already and it's only February!) But I saw these red Superga sneakers on sale and couldn't pass up on the opportunity to wear the same shoes as my son -

I am starting to love this store because like my leather oxfords a few months ago, I got these sneakers on sale for only PhP797. That's, er, 65% off retail only because the right shoe in this pair has faded to a lighter color than the left shoe! The difference is hardly noticeable. Can you even spot it?

Malik's Superga sneakers - PhP995
My Superga sneakers - PhP2,250 PhP797
A few steps away from 158 Designer's Boulevard is Mothercare, which is a store I enter only when they're on sale. I think I am unintentionally buying similar clothes for Malik and myself because well, I got us matching socks there!

Striped socks, mine - 5 pairs for PhP599 PhP250 (These are actually socks meant for boys 7-10 years old, but they fit my feet! Yey!)
Plain ankle socks, Malik's - 5 pairs for PhP499 PhP200

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