Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall

After a year of living in this apartment, I finally have a full-length mirror at my disposal. Previously, I just wore whatever looked good in my head and prayed that they would still look good in real life. I never actually saw my outfit before heading out the door. Our only mirrors in the house consisted of a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and another one in the living area that could only cover my upper torso. So if you thought all this time that it looked like I was getting dressed in the dark, I probably was.

The beauty of this contraption is that I can now take outfit shots like so -

Shirt: Hanes / Scarf: SM Department Store / Stacked Bracelets: The Bead Shop & Accessorize
Jeans: Lee / Belt: YRYS / Shoes: Converse
The downside is that, I'm not much of a fashionista anyway. I wear the usual black slacks, matched with heels and an office top on weekdays and on weekends, well, the above is basically it. Pffft.


  1. scarf + stacked bracelets = fashionista! :-)

  2. LOL Yen! Ayos ba yung scarf? Nagpapaka-winter ang lola mo, ang init init naman noon. (Notice the ray of sunshine on my left arm) Haha

  3. i finally bought a full length mirror two months ago.nakaka-inspire din pala magbihis pag nakikita mo ang suot mo.(and i love your outfit!so sartorialist [or pwede din fashionista NGO worker:)]

  4. Golds, nakakapayat din ang mirror mo? Sa amin, oo. Hinanap ko talaga yan to make me feel better, kaya natagalan kami makabili.


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