Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party Animal

We've been making the rounds of children's parties. Too bad I haven't had the time to write about them individually, but I will try my best to make up for lost time by posting some photos here.

First off was Calleigh's 1st birthday party in Quezon City. Calleigh is Malik's 3rd degree cousin (Calleigh's mom Mishee is Pao's 2nd degree cousin).

It's odd what I remember most out of Calleigh's fun birthday bash are the breads shaped like lechon and tilapia (among others). Haha Winner!

Calleigh also invited the funniest Jollibee ever. Para siyang naka-drugs, promise. Will upload a video of Calleigh's Jollibee soon. You'll see.

Next was the 3rd birthday of one of Malik's girlfriends, Bea. Bea is my officemate's daughter. She's such a princess. She wore a pretty pink birthday dress and had pink nail polish on. Plus, Bea's birthday was the first birthday party I attended where you could get your nails and hair done for free. She had a "salon station"!

Malik made a new friend that day. Folks, meet Dominique. Ang gwapo niya no? Sabi na nga eh. The rule that "People of the same level of attractiveness gravitate towards each other." applies universally, even to kids!

And then last week, we went to Zwei's 7th birthday party over at Tivoli. Zwei is a familiar face in this blog because he's the son of our close friends, Mike and Mitch.

Zwei is the cool fellow to your left, in the cowboy hat. Asteeg.
We let Malik line up for face painting in Zwei's party, for the first time. But to ease his delicate skin into this birthday party ritual, Malik got painted only on his legs -

We wanted to have Plankton painted on Malik's leg, but the face painter said he's too young and may be moving a lot while she's painting, so we went with Superman instead. The face painter obviously does not know my son. What do you mean "moving a lot"? 

Look at our little boy all well-behaved. He thinks he can join the games already but he's really just saling-pusa. Haha
Malik: "When do I get to join?!"

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