Friday, February 4, 2011

Sundays for Malik

First, I'd like to thank Malik for contributing posts to the blog. Good job son! I'm sorry to disappoint my son's fans, but as you can see, I am now back to write regular posts. I can't say that I'm 100% on board. Things have been crey-zee at work. I hope the workload settles soon, however, if only to get rid of my  migraines. (Side note: I get migraines in reaction to (a) unusually warm weather, (b) hunger, (c) eating too much chocolate and/or cheese, and unfortunately (d) stress.) 

Today, let's talk about toddler church. You may know by now, Pao and I attend Victory. There was a time when Malik would just sit on our lap during the service. He was pretty much a mellow baby, so all he needed was a toy or his shoelaces to keep him entertained.

Malik, 8 months old - in church, attempting to hold his baby bottle

These days, however, Malik gets restless when we make him attend the adult service with us, so we let him play with other babies at Toddler church instead. They have toys and a safe area where they learn to share and play nice.

Malik gets a nifty nameplate everytime -

When Malik gets a little older, he'll attend (Pre-school) Kid's Church where the fun really begins. While Pao and I are at the Sunday service, Malik will study the Bible, sing songs, and do arts and crafts with other kids his age, with the ultimate goal of "developing a lifelong love for scripture, godly character, and leadership."  Aren't you excited Malik?

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