Sunday, March 27, 2011

Knock on Wood

I really shouldn't be looking at shoes. I cannot afford another pair and I certainly don't need another one. But there's just something about shoes that makes women's hearts skip a beat. I can't help admiring them!

Lately, I've been drawn to platform sandals with wooden soles. My research assistant (Wikipedia, haha) tells me wooden-soled platform shoes are also called clogs. So yeah, I'm not over my clogs phase. In contrast to clogs, however, the better platform sandals in my opinion should have level-height - straight all the way, not wedged or heeled. I've found some in the Internet that I wouldn't mind having -
Modcloth. I wonder though where Modcloth  manufactures their shoes. They're pretty pricey. Around USD100 each.

Summersault - PhP1,500

Summersault - PhP1,700

Summersault - PhP1,500

This and the one above from Virtual Mae
These would look especially good with my new colored tights.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

The eagle has landed

I told you, all this blogging is for a purpose. My mom came home last week and with her came my self-published book "The Next 9." Taran -

I apologize for the bad lighting. I had Pao take this picture as soon as we got home. I was that excited.

I used to turn my pregnancy blog posts into a book. Contrary to what I initially thought, the service apparently doesn't convert your blog into a book in an instant. You'd have to download a software called BookSmart and lay out/edit the book yourself. I didn't mind because: (1) The software is free, (2) It's so easy to use (easy even for a technological moron like me), and (3) does you the favor of automatically importing your blog posts into your computer (or Mac or whatnot). So the text and the photos will be there. All you have to do is move them around a little.

I'm really happy with how my book turned out. I got the hardbound version in premium paper and paid about USD55 (approximately PhP2,400). Shipping was quick and painless. And now I have my pregnancy diary in book form. Yey.

Quality paper with quality binding. Excellent.
For people like my friend Chrisgel, who likes to take pictures and doodle, offers this excellent service called Set Your Price where you can print a book, set its price (as in put a premium over its production cost), sell it through's website and actually keep the profits! C, if you decide to publish a book of your doodles (and I hope you will) please know that you have a market right here. I. Will. Buy.

Anyway, I sound like a paid advertisement don't I? Haha But I'm really so happy with's service that I am already working on another book - this time covering Malik's first 12 months of life. That one's  taking a little bit longer because I have enough Malachi posts in this blog to populate an Atlas.

(Click to enlarge)
This is how BookSmart looks like. I'm really working on another book.  Promise!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Basketball Jones

Not to pressure Malik or anything, but I really fear that if he grows up not liking basketball, it'll break his dad's heart. You see, basketball is my husband's only mistress. Paolo is the kindest, most patient person in the planet but if he doesn't get to play basketball at least once a week, he turns into Mr. Hyde.

Here he is. Stret-ching before a game.
I hope someday, Pao and Malik get to share the same passion. For now we're trying to acclimatize Malik into an environment where basketball is king. We got him his own jersey -

No. 34 Paul Pierce baybee.
Pao also took him to the basketball court this weekend, where he got to run around with an actual basketball ball :) -


Pao: "Okay Malik. Check it."
Malik: "Wait. Isn't that ring too high for me?"
Malik: "No? Very well, then. Here goes..."

Fast break ...
Malik: "Coach! Pagod na ako. Sub."
I'm happy to report that all this nurturing seems to be paying off. Because when Pao and Malik watch NBA TV at night (They do this every day, I swear.) Malik sure acts like he's interested -

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walang Vision

I've been seeing pictures of ladies in colored tights everywhere -

I especially like how Gucci and PS styled their tights. 

Bright colored tights make dark outfits more approachable (I think).

Those two-toned tights on the lower right hand corner are interesting.

I was inspired to say the least. So I got myself these colored tights in just weeks (Okay fine. These were bought within days.)

gray, beige and green tights from Forever 21
brown and blue tights from ebay
But now that I think about, that was just stupid of me. The tights looked good on the ladies above because they live in the Northern Hemisphere and those pictures were taken during that non-existent season in my country called "Fall." This means the tights served the practical purpose of warming up their bare legs. On the other hand, what purpose will my tights serve me in Manila where we deal with 31C weather everyday? It just doesn't make sense. It's also nearing summer! Hay-hay-hay.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Challenger

As you know, I'm in a stiff competition to prove which one of us Malik takes after. I made the mistake of showing proof that Malik does (sometimes) look like little Paolo. But now it's my turn. Behold the Challenger -
(Click to enlarge)

I know, I know. Amazing right? You probably can't tell one from the other. So to help you out, let me just say, that's me on the left and that's Malik on the right. O ha. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Some more practice required

I worry that Ate Bear may be spoiling Malik. It looks like she's almost always spoon feeding pogiboy. I just notice that, even at 1 year and 4 months old, Malik still doesn't know how to feed himself. I try to teach him, honest. Like with this French fry from Charlie's -

"Okay Malik. Hold the fry like this."
Exhibit - 2
 Exhibit - 3
Exhibit - 4
"Okay Honey, hawakan ko na lang."
Malik at least knows how to direct food into his mouth (See Exhibit - 2). But once the food gets there, it gets left there (See Exhibit - 3). Malik just "vacuums" or sucks on one end of the food with his lips until the entire thing gets in (See Exhibit - 4). It's odd.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not that

Malik isn't talking yet. Mostly he just sends us non-verbal clues on what he wants, like shaking his head (to indicate "No") or clapping (to indicate "Yes"). You've seen his toy box. It can get pretty cluttered in there. And since Malik is still too small to reach the bottom of the box, he often asks Pao or myself to pull out a toy for him. Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we don't -

I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for Malachi. No wonder he'd sometimes rather do it himself -

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mayaman na ako

Pareho na kami ni Jinkee -

Photo from Carrie's Shoe Review.
Except mine is made of canvass and costs .1% of a real Birkin. Teehee

Oops. Excuse me, may bata. Haha

I took my Banane Birkin bag for a spin today and I must say, I'm pretty happy with it. To start off, it's super roomy. And since it's really just canvass with a rubberized photo of a Birkin on, expectedly light.

In Tagalog, "katsa."
The downside is that the white canvass will most likely attract dirt. Also as in most totes, the Banane Birkin only has a magnetic snap-on closure. There is really nothing here that can protect your belongings from prying eyes and worse, prying hands. Hindi ito pwedeng pang-commute!

Banane Birkins are made in Taipei and are usually priced at PhP4,000 each. Locally, you can get these on ebay and some sites on Multiply. Honestly, I think the price is too much for a bag that's obviously just for fun. I got mine pre-owned and on sale at Michka. I wouldn't have bought it otherwise. Considering the craftsmanship or the lack thereof that went into making this bag, hindi siya dapat ganyan ka-mahal.

But if you still want one, I suggest you personally look at those from Michka first. When I got mine, Michka had a couple of new Banane Birkins on sale (still at PhP4,000 each). When you see it, you'll know whether it's worth your hard-earned cash.

Michka is at The Promenade in Greenhills. They are currently on sale. When we were there, they had Balenciaga Motorcycle bags selling for as low as PhP80K. Imagine your savings! That's just half a year's rent! Toink.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I could be the most clueless mother ever. Malik wasn't being his usual self lately and all I did was chalk it up to bad weather. It was only when Ate Bear told me that Malik's molars are starting to appear that I realized how awful Malik must be feeling at night. When adults get toothaches, we act rabid don't we? And that happens to people who already know what a toothache is. Can you imagine how terrible a toothache must feel for a toddler who hasn't got a clue what is happening?

Because of the teething, Malik's been chewing on his hands a lot - both of them actually. I let him do it when I'm home because I really really feel for the guy -

But Ate Bear thinks it's turning into such a bad habit that she's resorted to tying cloth diapers over Malik's hands to keep him from sucking on them -

Malik: "Oooh. Play time."

Malik: "Watch me, mommy. I know how this works."

Malik Houdini

Malik: "Tada!"
Malik thinks it's a game and doesn't seem to mind. But seriously, I have got to find a way to ease some of the pain.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Part of Malik's nighttime rituals is to drink a bottle of milk before going to bed. To summarize, the recipe for getting Malik to sleep has always been: change diapers + turn off lights + give bottle of milk + wait 15 minutes and then Bam! He's off to DreamLand.

Milk for Malik basically works like a sedative, so at least for us the habit has become shamefully convenient. Personally, I give Malik milk before bedtime also because I'm afraid he'd get hungry before dawn. That means I'd have to wake up too and I really, really miss sleeping. : (

However, I know that milk and all the lactose in it should not be spending the night in my child's mouth. Milk at bedtime causes tooth decay. Uh-huh. So while we can still break the habit (or at least while we think we still can) we're going to have to reschedule Malik's nighttime routine. From now on, brushing will come immediately before bed time and not after dinner. I will also try to wean him off nighttime feedings by giving him water instead. Parenting sites say I should slowly try to water down nighttime milk. Sneaky and yet, possibly effective. Wish us luck!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'll wait for you

I have a huge crush on these lockets from a shop at etsy called Jean Jean Vintage. She specializes in vintage jewelry, with pieces dating as far back as the early 1900s. Of the lockets, I especially like the lot below because they come with the original photos. Can you believe it? That one of the little girl with her hands on top of her head is just all sorts of adorable. 

1920s locket engraved with the initials "L.M."

1920s locket engraved with the intials "F.J.S."

1940s locket engraved with the intials "J.K."

These sell at an average of USD70 each which comes down to approximately PhP3,000. Not bad considering that I saw some vintage lockets in a shop in SM Megamall priced at around PhP1500 and they weren't nearly as fascinating as the pendants above. 

(By the way, note to the Husband: Great birthday gift! Nevermind that my birthday is 7 months away. Hihi) 
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