Thursday, March 24, 2011

Basketball Jones

Not to pressure Malik or anything, but I really fear that if he grows up not liking basketball, it'll break his dad's heart. You see, basketball is my husband's only mistress. Paolo is the kindest, most patient person in the planet but if he doesn't get to play basketball at least once a week, he turns into Mr. Hyde.

Here he is. Stret-ching before a game.
I hope someday, Pao and Malik get to share the same passion. For now we're trying to acclimatize Malik into an environment where basketball is king. We got him his own jersey -

No. 34 Paul Pierce baybee.
Pao also took him to the basketball court this weekend, where he got to run around with an actual basketball ball :) -


Pao: "Okay Malik. Check it."
Malik: "Wait. Isn't that ring too high for me?"
Malik: "No? Very well, then. Here goes..."

Fast break ...
Malik: "Coach! Pagod na ako. Sub."
I'm happy to report that all this nurturing seems to be paying off. Because when Pao and Malik watch NBA TV at night (They do this every day, I swear.) Malik sure acts like he's interested -


  1. Hahahaha! Jumping pa! Hahahah!

  2. Ganyan din siya kahit real-live basketball game ang pinapanood niya! So I guess it isn't just TV fascination.


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