Saturday, March 5, 2011

Buyer's Remorse

I've been feeling crappy lately because I bought shoes again when I know I can't afford them (By the way these aren't expensive. I'm just that broke. Nyiii.)

Janilyn lace-up suede wedge boots in taupe (PhP1395)
What makes things worse is that I actually have no idea how and when to wear these. I don't know what possessed me. I just happened to pass by the store everyday and each time I went, a voice inside my head kept telling me to bring home a pair already. I couldn't resist. Ugh. Anyway, since the existence of these shoes in my wardrobe is now an undeniable fact, I will just try to wear them one of these weekends. Maybe I'll try to pull outfits like what these ladies have on, only with pieces that are more suitable for tropical weather.

Rachel Bilson, Emma Roberts and Rachel Bilson again

Tights look good with these I suppose.
Hay. I need an intervention.


  1. ooohhh i totally understand you. Am always "broke" too but i just cannot resist shoes and that one is sooooo pretty. It's really not expensive, so don't feel guilty. You're gonna use it forever naman. So sulitin. hehe.

    you've been liked btw.

  2. Thanks for enabling me Denise. Hihi Maybe we should form a support group! Like AA but for compulsive spenders! Hay.

  3. Haha, I should just this club. Sobrang gastadora ko. In fairness, puro office and walking shoes lang binibili ko. Pero grabe kalabisan na talaga. I keep thinking...ang mura kasi and I won't be back here for a few years! Hay.

  4. Mel, patingin!!! Sa outlet store ka na ba nakatira ngayon? Did you set up living quarters in their parking lot? Gow. Minsan lang naman yan. (I have a feeling this "support group" will fail. LOL)


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