Saturday, March 26, 2011

The eagle has landed

I told you, all this blogging is for a purpose. My mom came home last week and with her came my self-published book "The Next 9." Taran -

I apologize for the bad lighting. I had Pao take this picture as soon as we got home. I was that excited.

I used to turn my pregnancy blog posts into a book. Contrary to what I initially thought, the service apparently doesn't convert your blog into a book in an instant. You'd have to download a software called BookSmart and lay out/edit the book yourself. I didn't mind because: (1) The software is free, (2) It's so easy to use (easy even for a technological moron like me), and (3) does you the favor of automatically importing your blog posts into your computer (or Mac or whatnot). So the text and the photos will be there. All you have to do is move them around a little.

I'm really happy with how my book turned out. I got the hardbound version in premium paper and paid about USD55 (approximately PhP2,400). Shipping was quick and painless. And now I have my pregnancy diary in book form. Yey.

Quality paper with quality binding. Excellent.
For people like my friend Chrisgel, who likes to take pictures and doodle, offers this excellent service called Set Your Price where you can print a book, set its price (as in put a premium over its production cost), sell it through's website and actually keep the profits! C, if you decide to publish a book of your doodles (and I hope you will) please know that you have a market right here. I. Will. Buy.

Anyway, I sound like a paid advertisement don't I? Haha But I'm really so happy with's service that I am already working on another book - this time covering Malik's first 12 months of life. That one's  taking a little bit longer because I have enough Malachi posts in this blog to populate an Atlas.

(Click to enlarge)
This is how BookSmart looks like. I'm really working on another book.  Promise!


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