Monday, March 14, 2011

I'll wait for you

I have a huge crush on these lockets from a shop at etsy called Jean Jean Vintage. She specializes in vintage jewelry, with pieces dating as far back as the early 1900s. Of the lockets, I especially like the lot below because they come with the original photos. Can you believe it? That one of the little girl with her hands on top of her head is just all sorts of adorable. 

1920s locket engraved with the initials "L.M."

1920s locket engraved with the intials "F.J.S."

1940s locket engraved with the intials "J.K."

These sell at an average of USD70 each which comes down to approximately PhP3,000. Not bad considering that I saw some vintage lockets in a shop in SM Megamall priced at around PhP1500 and they weren't nearly as fascinating as the pendants above. 

(By the way, note to the Husband: Great birthday gift! Nevermind that my birthday is 7 months away. Hihi) 

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