Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kendi, Kendi kayo riyan

Today I decided to channel Kendi Everyday. You guys should meet her -

She writes the funniest posts like: "Who's watching the Oscars tonight? We don't have cable, so I might just end up peeking into a few neighbors windows. I'm sure they won't mind. I won't set up my couch in their front yard again this year. That was a huge mistake." 

Waha Anyway, this is me, making good use of our new full-length mirror -

Top: St. Francis Square Tiangge / Sweater: Forever 21 / Skirt: The Black Shop / Oxfords: Enzo Angiolini 
As it turned out, my outfit for the day has been weather appropriate. It's raining outside and I can't help wishing I were just home, eating hot instant noodles. Okay that's it. Toodles.


  1. i already took several pics of myself with the mirror.ang vain natin.pero mas vain ka kasi napost mo na:). I will post some of mine soon so you can see my swirly skirts.yipeee.we need a life.

  2. We should get a life Golds! Pao hates it when we're rushing to get to somewhere and yet I still manage to take pictures of myself in the mirror. Loooooser.


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