Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mayaman na ako

Pareho na kami ni Jinkee -

Photo from Carrie's Shoe Review.
Except mine is made of canvass and costs .1% of a real Birkin. Teehee

Oops. Excuse me, may bata. Haha

I took my Banane Birkin bag for a spin today and I must say, I'm pretty happy with it. To start off, it's super roomy. And since it's really just canvass with a rubberized photo of a Birkin on, expectedly light.

In Tagalog, "katsa."
The downside is that the white canvass will most likely attract dirt. Also as in most totes, the Banane Birkin only has a magnetic snap-on closure. There is really nothing here that can protect your belongings from prying eyes and worse, prying hands. Hindi ito pwedeng pang-commute!

Banane Birkins are made in Taipei and are usually priced at PhP4,000 each. Locally, you can get these on ebay and some sites on Multiply. Honestly, I think the price is too much for a bag that's obviously just for fun. I got mine pre-owned and on sale at Michka. I wouldn't have bought it otherwise. Considering the craftsmanship or the lack thereof that went into making this bag, hindi siya dapat ganyan ka-mahal.

But if you still want one, I suggest you personally look at those from Michka first. When I got mine, Michka had a couple of new Banane Birkins on sale (still at PhP4,000 each). When you see it, you'll know whether it's worth your hard-earned cash.

Michka is at The Promenade in Greenhills. They are currently on sale. When we were there, they had Balenciaga Motorcycle bags selling for as low as PhP80K. Imagine your savings! That's just half a year's rent! Toink.

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