Sunday, March 6, 2011


Saw one of these over at A Plus B in the Sea's blog and immediately, I fell in love. It's good that B decided at the last minute not to be all "My precious-y" with her discovery. Thank you, blogosphere.

1950s Roadmaster Luxury Liner - about 90% original parts
You will not believe how much this rickety bike costs. PhP45K! Huwat.

Firestone Cruister - PhP20K

1950s Firestone Supercruiser/ Monark - PhP17.5K
I like this bike the best.

1942 Westfield Columbia - PhP17.5K
Although I wouldn't mind owning this one too.

After a little Googling, I discover that these are called Cruiser Bicycles developed by the Schwinn Bicycle Company right after the Great Depression, when the U.S. experienced a decline in the sales of bicycles. Cruisers gained popularity in the late 1930s through the 1950s, because they were durable and more affordable than the bikes then existing in the market. These had heavier frames, which meant they were able to resist abuse but which also meant that they were not very fast and could only manage flat terrains. Hence, their popularity with newspaper boys like - fast forward 60 years - me!

Not me, by the way. But a lovely little girl on a vintage bicycle.
Photo credit:
My dad had a vintage bicycle once, that he sort of inherited from a brother-in-law who collected vintage transportation, i.e. huge Bear Brand cars, vintage bikes etc. Daddy used the bike to go to the palengke and exercise. Unfortunately, and I hate to have to remind my dad about this, some creep stole the bike from our garage! Ugh.

If we lived within a  gated village and I had money to spare, I would move heaven and earth to get one of these. But alas, I have neither. So I'm just sharing the discovery with you. Most of the pictures above are from Bzkleta - a shop that specializes in restoring vintage balloon bicycles. As it turns out, their warehouse is soooo near our house. I have convinced Pao to take me there one of these days. I'll take pictures!

This one sold for PhP37.5K. Exclamation point.

I like the color on this one too.
Meanwhile, for those who aren't fans of rusty vintage bicycles that are needy in the sense that they will require sourcing spare parts and restoration, you'll be glad to know that Schwinn still exists to this day. They have a website, where you can oggle at bikes that use state-of-the-art technology but still look like the old Cruisers manufactured in the 40s. The down side is that, prices begin at  USD450 or approx. PhP20,000. Nyiii.  


  1. mayghaaad gladi.last week pumunta din ako ng bike shop to look for a vintage bike like the one i had in ang mamahal.wala bang totoong vintage lang tlga that i can use around teachers village?sama ako sama ako sa warehouse!

  2. Sige Golds, ischedule natin. Bumili ka nga. Aangkas ako. Yuz.


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