Friday, March 11, 2011

Saling Ket

This introduction should be [relatively] brief since I don't want to steal the thunder from Malik's video below. Let me just explain that this was taken during Zwei's birthday party some weeks ago. The host was picking out children from the "line-up" to join the games. You know how it is in the movies where the smallest of the kids get picked last? That was exactly what happened here.

You'll notice the kids rising from their chairs one by one, except for Zwei's younger brother Magus and our little critter Malachi! Buti na lang Magus and Malik are still clueless. Otherwise, their feelings would have been hurt. Awww.

No worries. In the end, Malik just happily leaves the playing area with the biggest smile on his face -

So cute no? Seriously, it's moments like these that make parenting worthwhile. Heehee Happy weekend everyone!

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