Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Part of Malik's nighttime rituals is to drink a bottle of milk before going to bed. To summarize, the recipe for getting Malik to sleep has always been: change diapers + turn off lights + give bottle of milk + wait 15 minutes and then Bam! He's off to DreamLand.

Milk for Malik basically works like a sedative, so at least for us the habit has become shamefully convenient. Personally, I give Malik milk before bedtime also because I'm afraid he'd get hungry before dawn. That means I'd have to wake up too and I really, really miss sleeping. : (

However, I know that milk and all the lactose in it should not be spending the night in my child's mouth. Milk at bedtime causes tooth decay. Uh-huh. So while we can still break the habit (or at least while we think we still can) we're going to have to reschedule Malik's nighttime routine. From now on, brushing will come immediately before bed time and not after dinner. I will also try to wean him off nighttime feedings by giving him water instead. Parenting sites say I should slowly try to water down nighttime milk. Sneaky and yet, possibly effective. Wish us luck!


  1. Wag muna! Opinion ko lang ha kasi baby pa naman si malik hihingi at hihingi pa din ng milk yan.:) calcium naman ang milk, makes his teeth stronger din. Lalo ka lang magigising ng madaling araw if papalitan mo bed time rituals nya. :) toothbrush mo nalang sa morning pag gising. He needs more milk lalo na sobrang laro na ng toddler. :) pero introduce na din
    pag toothbrush sa gabi atleast before bedtime. Kasi sa food na kinain nya the whole day. Pag dating ng 2-3 tska magbabawas ng milk yan. Baka pumayat!

  2. just follow the milk immediately with water to wash out the milk and sugar :)

  3. Mishee and Chi, parang okay naman si Malik. We've been following his new routine for a couple of days already. He hasn't been waking up for milk. *fingers crossed* Although, I think I will re-evaluate only because hindi yata bagay kay Malik ang payat! Haha

  4. Watch out din sa tubig, puro purified na ngayon. which we tot was healthy but hindeeehhh, daw



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