Friday, March 18, 2011


I could be the most clueless mother ever. Malik wasn't being his usual self lately and all I did was chalk it up to bad weather. It was only when Ate Bear told me that Malik's molars are starting to appear that I realized how awful Malik must be feeling at night. When adults get toothaches, we act rabid don't we? And that happens to people who already know what a toothache is. Can you imagine how terrible a toothache must feel for a toddler who hasn't got a clue what is happening?

Because of the teething, Malik's been chewing on his hands a lot - both of them actually. I let him do it when I'm home because I really really feel for the guy -

But Ate Bear thinks it's turning into such a bad habit that she's resorted to tying cloth diapers over Malik's hands to keep him from sucking on them -

Malik: "Oooh. Play time."

Malik: "Watch me, mommy. I know how this works."

Malik Houdini

Malik: "Tada!"
Malik thinks it's a game and doesn't seem to mind. But seriously, I have got to find a way to ease some of the pain.


  1. Massage his gums with your fingertip, it helps to ease the pain. Or dampen some washcloths and freeze them, teething toys that you can store in the fridge or freezer, icy drinks to soothe his gums, or topical teething gel. ^^ Si calleigh kasi si elmo lang katapat. ^^ hehehe! wawa naman malik... halika kain tayo ice scramble o kaya halo-halo. hehehe!

  2. Thanks Mishee! Will be shopping for new teethers soon!


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