Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walang Vision

I've been seeing pictures of ladies in colored tights everywhere -

I especially like how Gucci and PS styled their tights. 

Bright colored tights make dark outfits more approachable (I think).

Those two-toned tights on the lower right hand corner are interesting.

I was inspired to say the least. So I got myself these colored tights in just weeks (Okay fine. These were bought within days.)

gray, beige and green tights from Forever 21
brown and blue tights from ebay
But now that I think about, that was just stupid of me. The tights looked good on the ladies above because they live in the Northern Hemisphere and those pictures were taken during that non-existent season in my country called "Fall." This means the tights served the practical purpose of warming up their bare legs. On the other hand, what purpose will my tights serve me in Manila where we deal with 31C weather everyday? It just doesn't make sense. It's also nearing summer! Hay-hay-hay.


  1. i always use being in baguio as my excuse to wear tights. ;p

  2. Sayang no, wala tayo sa Baguio. But today I realized, aircon din naman sa office. So I wore my blue tights to work. Hooray!


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