Friday, April 29, 2011

Everyday's a Holiday with You (4th ed.)

Hello Republic! I'm so happy to be home. I have a few stories lined up for the blog, I just hope I find the time to actually write about them.

Anyway, yesterday I got off "school" to find a little boy holding a rose for me inside the car. I wasn't able to take a photo there, but I did take his picture when we were at the mall -

That was because yesterday marked the 4th year anniversary of our wedding. As in last year, we chose to celebrate the occasion by spending time with our little trooper. We had pizza and buffalo wings, and craned our necks trying to figure out which artista was at Eastwood filming last night. (I saw Empong (?). So it must have been TV5!).

I enjoyed our anniversary, even though it was as simple as most weekends spent with my family at the mall. I realize I would have enjoyed our anniversary had we spent it watching TV at home, so long as I'm with the husband and pogiboy. Yikee.

I will end this post by sharing some pictures from our wedding four years ago. You notice in most of the pictures, Pao is crying while I'm laughing my heart out. I hope that's not a sign of how we actually felt about getting married. I'd like to think Pao is just so happy that he's marrying me - his happiness overflowed into... tears of joy! Heehee

Pao: "Sa caterer, sana payagan niyo kaming magbayad ng hulugan."


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