Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blogging from the iPad

You may have noticed, I've been blogging from the iPad. Totyal. First let's look at some pictures of the unboxing ceremony.

Malik was asleep when we opened it, so we settled for a photo of the iPad with his chubby feet.

I have the basic blogging apps down pat: (1) Blog Press, which is the platform that I use to compose and upload posts, (2) Dropbox, which is what I use to keep and download pictures since the iPad doesn't have a USB slot, and (3) Side by Side, which is what I use for "research" since it allows me to open 2 browsers at once.

I love the convenience that this contraption affords me. I am literally blogging on the go - while waiting for Pao to pick me up, at the restaurant, while waiting in line at the bank etc. Also, since this version comes with a camera, I don't have to deal with cables. I just snap photos and access them when it's time to blab away in the blog.

On the other hand, I do have a lot in my wish list when it comes to blogging from the iPad. I'm listing them down here in the hopes that someone could tell me how to fix them. So far, I don't like that -

- The photos are pathetic. The camera on the iPad 2 is able to shoot photos at .92 megapixels. Ano yan. Hindi man lang umabot ng 1!

/Photo of Malik taken just now. Superrrr low-res!/

- I can't format my posts. Goodbye italics, underline and bold.
- I can't include videos in my posts.
- I can't place links.
- There are just too many spaces between paragraphs even when I don't see them in the draft.
- I can't put captions on my pictures.
- I can't tag my posts.

As you can see, there are just too many CAN'Ts up there (Uy, parang bastos yun. Haha) I can live with the iPad as it is, but the blogging tools that I have here are so very basic. I wish someone comes up with a solution; preferably, one that does not involve shelling out some more $$$. Help?

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  1. i noticed you were blogging thru ipad! galeng!

    cute foot, malik!

  2. Try it Yen! It's so convenient.


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