Saturday, May 7, 2011

La Petite Roche

After a few days in New Orleans, I found myself in the sleepy city of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Sleepy city = sleepy visitor (stayed at the Marriott in Downtown Little Rock)

We were there for only a couple of days, which was fine by me. My impression is that there isn't much one can do in Little Rock. In fact, their claim to fame is the Willian J. Clinton Presidential Center - a museum/convention center dedicated to, well, former US President Bill Clinton. The Center was built in 2004, which makes me wonder what brought tourists to Little Rock before Clinton became President. Hmmm.

So what is a visitor to do in Little Rock? Why take a picture with The Little Rock of course! Here it is -

Fact tidbit: In the 1700s, a French explorer landed on the south banks of the Arkansas river. He found "la Petite Roche" (The Little Rock) there, after which the city was thereafter named. The Little Rock had a practical purpose, as it was used by travellers as a landmark for navigation. Now it just sits in the bank so tourists like us can take pictures. Wee.

The other highlight of my trip (if I can call it a highlight haha) was having beer at Boscos,while overlooking the Arkansas river. Boscos is a restaurant and brewing company. They brew their own beer in house -

That's the brewing tank in the background.

People who know me, know that I am a beer lover. This is probably the result of 8 years of beer- drinking and merry making in UP. Yuz. This said, I loved Boscos' Famous Flaming Stone brew -

Boscos Famous Flaming Stone Beer: "North America's Original Steinbier. Brewed using a traditional German technique, stones heated in Boscos wood-fired ovens are lowered into the beer during the brewing process, giving the beer its unique caramel character." In fairness, matamis siya. Tasted like San Mig Super Dry, except it's $10 more expensive.

And with that, we bid adieu to Little Rock. Next up, Las Vegas!

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