Monday, May 16, 2011

Malik's off to school!

It looks like it anyway. Heehee Last week, Malik got his ID for toddler church -

I love that VCF finally thought of making IDs for the kids. I used to have to line up and register Malik everytime we attended Sunday service. Now we go straight to the toddler room. The ID has a barcode, so they just "shoot" that with their laser thing-a-ma-jig and we're good to go. Each toddler ID comes with a small plastic tag that we use when we pick up Malik from the room. The tag has a matching bar code. So hi-tech.

The backpack is our latest sneaky contraption. You see, Malik doesn't want to be held by his arms when he's walking around the mall. This backpack is actually a harness disguised as a bag. Malik has no idea that he's tethered to us when he's wearing it. He thinks he's free to move around. Ha!

/And he's off!/

The bag is from a company called Safe Fit. I got it for $15 or around PhP600. It's available on Amazon.

In contrast to regular toddler harnesses, Malik can still use this when he grows older as a regular bag. It's reflectorized too. The Safety Patrol would approve!

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  1. I wish our church had toddler church also. I'll pray for it. :-)

    Hi, Malik! :-)

  2. Yen - Tama. Churches should build relationships, even among kids!


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