Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Order in the [basketball] court

It's settled. Malik likes basketball. I don't know if we just conditioned him into liking the sport. I just know that he likes it.

Malik and his favorite ball

Case in point: Malik knows only a few words at 17 months old. But of those few words, two are related to basketball: (1) "ball" which means well, ball; and (2) "choo" which means "shoot."

"Catch, mommy."
Malik in the act of "choo-ing" at Lola Loudette's house in Cavite
Malik doesn't have to actually play the game for us to realize that he likes it. He also likes to just watch grown-ups play, be it live or on TV. For example, there is half a basketball court near our apartment, where folks from the neighborhood gather round mostly on weekend mornings. Malik likes to go there to watch people play. Sigaw siya ng sigaw! We'd like to think he's cheering for the players or maybe coaching them, but we can't tell for sure. Like I said, Malik isn't exactly speaking yet.

Pao and Malik in our neighborhood basketball court

Si Pao, bagong gising! Haha

Of course when he's by himself in the court, Malik likes to throw his "basketball" around and pretend. Here he is [thinking that] he's shooting the ball -

Pao: "That's the ring, pogi."
Pao: "Here, let me help. Shoot."
The problem is, Malik has learned to throw tantrums when it's time to leave for the apartment. We just tell him he can continue to play at home - which is true, because he has his own basketball ring now -

Malik: "Now we're talking. It's about time!"

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