Friday, May 13, 2011

Terrible Twos

I've been warned about the Terrible Twos but I didn't care about it so much as to learn how to deal with it until it was too late. At 17 months, Malik has begun throwing temper tantrums and saying "No" to everything we say. I'm glad I'm usually calm when he leans backwards, refuses to be picked up, mops the floor with his body and flops like a fish -

I mostly find such episodes amusing. I understand the world must generally be frustrating for pogi boy. He wants to explore, put things in his mouth, run unhampered in the streets, la di da. But as soon as he starts having fun, adults take things away. Boo.

I've experimented with a couple of approaches to the Terrible Twos and so far, here's what I think of them -

Does NOT work: Time Out. I tried this the other day when Malik slapped my mom in the face ( Wait, this sounds too dramatic. Haha But really, the more accurate Tagalog term would be "palo." ) I told Malik what he did was "not nice" and made him stand in a corner of the living room. He unfortunaely thought we were playing peek-a-boo so he was smiling the entire time. Not the punishment that I had in mind. Nyi.

Malik: "Bo-ring."

WORKS: Distraction. This one works like a charm, especially because we know what Malik likes now. For example, Malik usually throws a tantrum when its time to get out of the bathroom after a bath. But the other day, he heard Manny Pacquiao's fight versus Shane Mosley in the news and he offered to be picked up! Our other fail-proof distraction is any one of Malik's basketballs. He is sure to forget whatever it was he was crying about as soon as we hand him one.

WORTH A TRY: Empathy. I read in parenting threads that I should let Malik know that I understand his frustration if he doesn't get what he wants. If he can't play with my mobile phone, for example, I could tell him "You must feel sad because you can't play with mommy's phone. (make sad face) But I think we can find some other thing that you can play with. (open toy box) What would you like to play with today, Malik?" I'm giving this strategy a try one of these days mostly because I believe in speaking to Malik as I would do an adult. I labor under the assumption that he understands what I mean, so long as I am honest with him. Right, Malik?

How about you? Any tips on how to deal with the Terrible Twos?

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  1. When Marion throw tantrums, I try not to react too much because I don't want her to start throwing tantrums just to get attention. I make an effort to deal with her calmly sometimes speaking more softly than usual even when she's shrieking. Or I try to hug her or just sit quietly beside her until she calms down.

    Her Pedia said it's natural because they get very frustrated. They understand and want to say a lot of things but can't communicate so well pa.

    :-) Hi, Malik! You're so handsome when you smile! Your mommy and daddy love you very much! :D

  2. Hi Yen, I read somewhere that hugging is good too. I sometimes pick Malik up and calmly ask him what he wants. Ang hirap kasi kausapin pag naglulupasay sa sahig!

  3. Hi Gladi,
    I highly recommend the Happiest toddler book. My 19 month is also a handful but so far, no major tantrums, only fake cries. Or are they the same thing? Hehe
    We do time out but with a timer and used his playpen to contain him. worked naman for us.
    good luck to us!

  4. Hey madammisismummy! I appreciate the recommendation; Will definitely look that up. Although I hope it's available in ebook form. (wink)

    BTW, I visited your blog. Your collection of children's books is inspiring. I better invest in some more books for Malik now. :)


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