Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To 5-yr old Malik

The other reason why I wasn't blogging for a while was because I was pre-occupied with taking classes and exams. Thankfully, after several months, I have finally qualified to enroll in the Part-time MBA program of the University of the Philippines. Three cheers for that.

/I am No.81. :) Click to enlarge./

I am excited about this new challenge in my life. I like learning new things; and the part about learning new things involving business excites me more. But I must also admit that I'm more scared than excited. Not so much about having to work thrice as hard to get another degree but because I will have to trade time with my son to study. That, for me, is the greater sacrifice.

When I hear about my friends' parents leaving the country for work, I think "Well, that's a wrong choice to make." But I think I understand now. I'm doing this to make way for better opportunities and yes, earn more money. But really, all that boils down to being able to provide a better life for Malik.

I just hope that, after all of this has been accomplished, he'll understand.

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