Thursday, June 30, 2011

Always something there to remind me

I never really intend to buy anything from The Bead Shop. But each time, when the moon is full, my shopping antenna is twitching, and my wallet is thin, I end up bringing home something from that shop. This time I took home these leather cuffs -

My camera does not do justice to my new bracelets. They read 'soar' and 'pray' and are in bright blue and violet respectively. Here's a photo of me wearing 'soar' one weekend with some other bead bracelets that I got from The Bead Shop and Accessorize -

They're, uhm, nice. And since we're taking pictures of what I'm wearing, let me also share this Bella Flores t-shirt that I got for a song at Artwork -

By the way, did you know that the people behind Artwork are the same people behind Bleach Catastrophe? I found this out only because the girl at the counter at Artwork recognized me from when I was buying those Heather Miss Grey t-shirts from Bleach Catastrophe, where she also ocassionally mans the counter. She says both stores are owned by the same person, but Bleach prices their shirts 20x higher because it caters to a different market. Hmmm. That's price discrimination in action, which just goes to show that the things we read about in class are useful in real life after all.

(Leather bracelets at P245 each; Tshirt for...P175! Winner.)

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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Opaque Shoe Box Project

I've been obsessed with organizing my shoes into plastic shoe boxes ever since I stumbled upon the clear shoe box project over at Multiply. I spent half my Saturday one weekend just transferring my shoes into new homes, the objectives being to declutter, edit and organize. My ka-OC-OCan (pronounced "ka-ok-okan" in Tagalog) resulted in these -

So you'd appreciate the beauty of this new system, let me show you the "before" shot of some of my shoes -

Other pairs were also kept under the bed like so -

Now they're still in different places in the house but at least they're neatly stacked. Yes.

My plastic shoe boxes aren't really clear but are more opaque. I got them on sale (Buy 1 Take 1) from the Landmark for P125 or around P60 each. That's a good deal considering that clear shoe boxes sell on Amazon at 10 for $35, or roughly P130 per box. Anyway, I got 32 of these boxes in the 6.3L size because I have big feet. There is enough room in a box for two flats -

Wedges and heels would fit more snuggly -

I intentionally bought only 32 boxes so I am forced to keep only 32 pairs of shoes and chuck the rest. It turns out, I can't. Although I was able to let go of some shoes, I still had to squeeze in 2-3 pairs in some of the boxes. Oh well. At least now I'm down to around 50 pairs, and everytime I buy new shoes, I know that I must first let go of a pair because I don't have space for both anymore. Yey.

After adopting this organizing system for about a week, I realize that clear plastic would have been the better option. It's because spotting the right shoes in the opaque ones can be difficult. I spend more time now looking for shoes in boxes that all look alike! Anyway, this can be remedied by pushing the boundaries and further organizing your shoes by color, height, ocassion or...alphabetically according to brand. It really depends on how crazy you are. As for me, this is as far as my "psychological condition" goes. Goodluck!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hi folks! Today I'd just like to share that I got new hair. Tada -

I intentionally took this photo with my family with me so it doesn't look like I'm taking a vanity shot. But who are we kidding right? Chos.

I'm thinking of growing my hair out. I've basically had short hair for most of my life. A little change won't hurt even though, with longer hair, my quarterly color touch-ups would certainly hurt my wallet. Anywhoo, while I'm waiting, I thought "Why not get bangs?". Why not, indeed?

So this weekend, I mustered up the courage, screen-captured photos of a very fashionable style blogger whom I've been cyber stalking lately, and headed off to the usual Bench Fix.

This is Lana. I stole her hair, see?

I love how Lana always looks pulled together, even when she's wearing...check it out... a pink blazer over green pants! Her wardrobe features a lot of color, which is something that I should also venture into one of these days.

Go visit Lana's blog. It's at The first time I stumbled across hautepot, I spent more time than I originally planned just looking at Lana's photos. She dresses like she belongs in the streets of New York, except unlike some local bloggers, she tweaks runway clothing to make it appropriate for tropical weather. Amazing. (All photos except for the first one are from hautepot, obviously.)

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Summer Formal" Annotated

I got this dress off ebay. I was on a bidding war with someone 'til the last minute. Now she knows who she's messing with. Ha!

The above photo was taken at a friend's wedding in Tagaytay last month. Here are the newlyweds -

And my friend, the blushing bride -

- who wore a *surprise* purple shoe underneath all that lace!

(Photos courtesy of G at Facebook)

The invitation said we had to come in "summer formal" attire. That was controversial because no one knew what summer formal was. Hala. Anyway, here were our respective interpretations of the dress code. I see bright colors, prints and light fabrics -

I wanted to feel 50s (the decade, not my age). This dress had the requisite full skirt, midi length and semi-sweetheart neckline so I just HAD to get it. I now regret that I was always goofing around and hence, wasn't able to take a proper outfit photo. Next time I wear this though, I'll show you.

In the meantime, can I just say, that was the best wedding reception dinner that I've ever had the pleasure of taking part in. Su-per saraaap. And all those kids and toddlers performing? Winner!

I'm going to get some shut-eye now. I really don't feel sleepy yet because I've been sleeping the entire day. I blame the bed weather. But I have to prepare for our action-packed day tomorrow. My first order of business is to go to the shoe expo at the NBC Tent, where I will hopefully exercise restraint. 'Til next time! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Friday, June 24, 2011


What is it with boys and cars? Versus basketball, we've never had to condition Malik to like cars. He is just naturally crazy about them.

When Pao drives, Malik will try to sit on his lap so he can have a go at the steering wheel. This isn't allowed of course, because it isn't safe. But the point is, Malik likes to [pretend that he can] drive.

See this toy that is meant to be pushed so babies can learn how to walk? Malik has outgrown the pushing part. So what he does is turn it over so the wheels turn into steering wheels like these -

I searched high and low for a toy steering wheel like the one that Maggie has in the opening sequence of the Simpsons (If you can picture this without having to Google it, then you're more or less my age).

When I finally found one in the department store, at 50% off no less, I snapped at the chance to bring it home. Nevermind that its box was so dilapidated, it looked like it had been lying on the toy shelf for 10 years. I also didn't mind that some buttons weren't working anymore and some of the drawings were fading. Malik will not notice. Sure enough, look how interested he is at his new wheels (Literal! Kasi steering wheel lang siya, walang kasamang sasakyan. Heehee) -

In fact, anything that resembles a steering wheel interests Malik. Like this toy right here (See handles on sides) -

I don't know if we're the type of parents who'd let Malik drive his own car in high school. Some of my classmates had cars as early as 16 years old. With due respect to their parents, I don't think that's healthy. Besides, I'm not even sure if we can afford to give Malik his own car when the time comes. Maybe he can have Steve, who will be old and battered by then, but certainly not at 16. I drove my first car only in my last year of College, and even I question my parents' judgment on the matter.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Be still my beating heart

The Vespadrille wedge - a result of the collaboration between Cuban designer Isabel Toledo and Payless - should be ugly in theory. For one, Isabel Toledo's choice of materials is just odd - mesh for the upper, braided jute (abaca) for the platform, and patent for the wedge heel.

Secondly, the colors also appear to be polarized. On the one hand, there is the black upper and the red heel, which indicate that the shoe is designed to be worn at night to go, er, clubbing. On the other hand, there is the natural jute wrapped around the platform, which indicates that it should be worn during the day for, er, walks in the park. Overall, the Vespadrille reads like a very confused shoe. It does not know whether it wants to be hip or laid back or possibly the same time.

It's theoretical follies notwithstanding, I am in love with the Vespadrille. When I saw a pair at the Payless store the other day, my heart was pounding. I tried it on naturally and was surprised to know that it is a comfortable shoe. The mesh lets your feet breathe. The wedge is at a perfect height. And it's I. Want. One. My only problem is that the Vespadrille wedge retails for approx. PhP3000. Sayang naman. Sigh.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bear Paws

It turns out, the only exploring that I was able to do in Makati was to go to Glorietta so Malik can play at Kevin's (an activity area there). However, I did find these at the Landmark -

Yes! I've been looking for these slippers for the longest time. The original bear paws sandals are from a Thai brand called Red Apple. Red Apple shoes sell for PhP500 plus shipping here, but I'm so cheap, I don't even want to spend that amount on toddler shoes anymore. The ones from Landmark I got for only PhP119.75. Pwede na di ba?

The downside is that they're still too big for Malik's feet. But anyway, we can always save these shoes for later.

Landmark has limited sizes remaining, and as you can see from the photo, Malik's red shoe was the only one remaining with a 'boy' color. If you're interested, there's always thekiddiecloset. Click here to order.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Joe

I have a problem with setting aside my worries for a while and just living in the moment (Gad, I feel like Oprah just writing that.) But this weekend, I tried. I can't call it a stay-cation for me. When you're a mom staying outside of your home with a toddler, it's really all just a business trip. True enough, I spent most of my time running after Malik - making him eat, get up from the floor, stay out of people's way etc. What is odd is that I enjoyed every single bit of it.

Tonight we'll be back at home and with that, to our daily grind. Still, I am thankful for time with my son and for the opportunity to make memories. Thank you for the ability to earn a living Lord and for holidays that make hard work worth it. Pakisabi kay Rizal, happy birthday.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011


We're staying at the Peninsula this weekend. Yey.

Pao is working, so we really just saw him when we got here and this morning, before he left for work. (Uy ang pogi)

The plan was for Malik to hit the pool. We even brought his space probe see -

But the weather is being uncooperative. So we're settling for the tub. Malik doesn't mind. It's all the same to him. Ladeedee.

Malik and I will be exploring Makati today. Except for a few dinners with friends, it's been a while since I was in these here parts of Manila. But first we have to say hellow to daddy -

Oh. Lola Parrot is here too -

The only thing that I appreciate about this hotel is this jar full of cotton balls! I may just be ignorant, but really, this is the only hotel that I've stayed at that has this. Amazing.

So, okay. We're off to go exploring.

If the weather improves, I hope to take Malik to the park. Toodles.

P.S. Happy father's day to Pao, my dad and my father-in-law! You da man :D -

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

No pain, no gain

My niece Jowie turned 15 this year. Being the cool aunt that I am, I decided to gift her with a trip to the waxing salon. She was excited of course. That just goes to show how little she knew about the pains we women have to endure to look slightly presentable. This should be an interesting introduction. Wahaha So this is Jowie signing up for her session.

I took her to get her legs waxed (full) and to have her eyebows threaded. The waxing I've honestly never experienced. Jowie tells me it was bearable. The threading, on the other hand, I am familiar with. The stinging, god-forsaken pain that it brings me every couple of months is difficult to forget. Ugh.

But look at where a little...fine, a LOT of pain can take you. Well, it can take you from this -

To this -

The difference is striking right? And that's all because Jowie had a little...fine, A LOT of her eyebrows pulled out! Clap,clap,clap.

On that note, I highly recommend Lay Bare Robinsons Galleria for eyebrow threading at least. When you go, ask for Cory. She does my eyebrows and she's as gentle as a butterfly...on steroids. Haha

(Eyebrow threading at Lay Bare only costs P100 and leg waxing costs P350 and P550 for half and full respectively. So reasonable no?)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mama and Papa it is

In relation to my previous post, we were teaching Malik the words "mommy" and "daddy" early Sunday morning by repeatedly saying the words and tapping mommy's and daddy's chest/shoulder. As usual, Malik did not appear to be interested.

We were close to giving up after having tried so many times until lo and behold, Malik said "mama" while tapping on my shoulder. We were surprised of course. Pao was particularly jealous so he asked "How about me, Malik? How do you want to call me?" With a smirk on his face, Malik answered "papa." Huwat!

Lest we forget, the moment deserved a picture (and this blog post). Yes!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Glossary of Terms

As friends and family know, Malik isn't speaking yet. He has assigned some syllables to people, places, acts and things, but those assignments are known only to me. Of course I take pride at being able to understand what Malik is saying, above anyone else. Unfortunately, the exclusivity becomes a problem when I'm not around.

So to help my parents and in-laws interpret Malik's language, I'm compiling a list of Malik's word-assignments here. Check back often because I will be updating the list as we progress (but will be deleting it when Malik learns actual words...soon hopefully!) Here goes -

A Glossary of Malik's Terms:

"buh" - ball
"chuh" - shoot, usually with reference to the "buh"
"ter" - water
"ah" / "uh" - up meaning, he wants to go to our room upstairs
"bas" - labas meaning, he wants to go outside like this -

"ka" - pagkain meaning, he wants another bite of whatever it is you're feeding him
"tuh" - car, also called "kuh" which is often confused with "ka"
"koh" - watch a DVD, in honor of Vinko the dancing bear, who is Malik's favorite character in the Baby Genius DVD series
"karga" - eh di 'karga,' or in English 'to carry' :)

To be updated...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shoes make me happy

I always say, just 'cause I can't afford to buy new shoes at the moment, doesn't mean I can't admire them. So tonight we're going to look at purteeh purteeh footwear, which I already bought in my head and are thus now stored in my imaginary shoe closet but have had no effect on the contents of my real world wallet. Good deal. Okay, first let's have a go at the Amazona platform sandal from Melissa -

Lovely right? These cost around PhP4,500. Here's a photo of Katy Perry wearing them -

Woothoot. And then let's take a look at these pairs from Virtual Mae -

As you can see, I appear to be drawn to platforms in bright colors lately. I also love those Prada-ish brogues from Virtual Mae. But after having been informed of how much they cost (Php8,550!) I figured...pass na lang pow.

P.S. Virtual Mae is a local retailer of imported shoes that appear to be designer alternatives. Prices at Virtual Mae are not cheap - think PhP2,800 to PhP9,000 a pair - which I hope reflects on the quality of their footwear. I can't include a link to Virtual Mae's Multiply website in this post because Blogpress doesn't allow it. But if you're interested, you can just Google and I'm sure the shop will turn up. Virtual Mae is also at The Mall at

P.P.S. Sorry about the low res pictures. For that, I also blame Blogpress.:(

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