Thursday, June 30, 2011

Always something there to remind me

I never really intend to buy anything from The Bead Shop. But each time, when the moon is full, my shopping antenna is twitching, and my wallet is thin, I end up bringing home something from that shop. This time I took home these leather cuffs -

My camera does not do justice to my new bracelets. They read 'soar' and 'pray' and are in bright blue and violet respectively. Here's a photo of me wearing 'soar' one weekend with some other bead bracelets that I got from The Bead Shop and Accessorize -

They're, uhm, nice. And since we're taking pictures of what I'm wearing, let me also share this Bella Flores t-shirt that I got for a song at Artwork -

By the way, did you know that the people behind Artwork are the same people behind Bleach Catastrophe? I found this out only because the girl at the counter at Artwork recognized me from when I was buying those Heather Miss Grey t-shirts from Bleach Catastrophe, where she also ocassionally mans the counter. She says both stores are owned by the same person, but Bleach prices their shirts 20x higher because it caters to a different market. Hmmm. That's price discrimination in action, which just goes to show that the things we read about in class are useful in real life after all.

(Leather bracelets at P245 each; Tshirt for...P175! Winner.)

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