Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hi folks! Today I'd just like to share that I got new hair. Tada -

I intentionally took this photo with my family with me so it doesn't look like I'm taking a vanity shot. But who are we kidding right? Chos.

I'm thinking of growing my hair out. I've basically had short hair for most of my life. A little change won't hurt even though, with longer hair, my quarterly color touch-ups would certainly hurt my wallet. Anywhoo, while I'm waiting, I thought "Why not get bangs?". Why not, indeed?

So this weekend, I mustered up the courage, screen-captured photos of a very fashionable style blogger whom I've been cyber stalking lately, and headed off to the usual Bench Fix.

This is Lana. I stole her hair, see?

I love how Lana always looks pulled together, even when she's wearing...check it out... a pink blazer over green pants! Her wardrobe features a lot of color, which is something that I should also venture into one of these days.

Go visit Lana's blog. It's at The first time I stumbled across hautepot, I spent more time than I originally planned just looking at Lana's photos. She dresses like she belongs in the streets of New York, except unlike some local bloggers, she tweaks runway clothing to make it appropriate for tropical weather. Amazing. (All photos except for the first one are from hautepot, obviously.)

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