Sunday, June 12, 2011

The case of the time-travelling t-shirt

You want to know why this t-shirt is superduper awesome?

It's cause it's a quarter of a century old, that's why.

This was originally worn by my husband Pao in 1980s, some years before the first EDSA revolution.

Here's a photo of Paolo now, with his old shirt for maximum effect -

My mother-in-law found it in their storage area the other week, among some of Pao's other toddler clothes. Now Malik wears the shirt as his pajama.

I wonder if we'd ever get to hand down any of Malik's clothes to his kid/s. I personally doubt it, because you know I'm not a fan of keeping things. But if we did, that would be as awesome wouldn't it?

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  1. wow, you're lucky he got to keep his. i used to have one too. i was there with my family but mine has gotten lost along the way...

  2. Hi fashioneggplant! I'm actually torn between letting my son wear it and having it framed and putting it up our wall. Haha But what's a t-shirt when it's not worn, right? :) Thanks for dropping by!


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