Monday, June 6, 2011

Fat fingers

My mom advises against having rings resized. She says we'll never know when our knuckles will get fat, and when that happens, what will we ever do with rings that don't fit anymore? I must admit, she has a point. That's why I keep rings that don't fit me in my jewelry box, anxiously waiting for the day when I get fat. That is, until I discovered Ring Snuggies. Tada -

Ring Snuggies are plastic contraptions that you place on your ring so it fits snuggly on your finger.

While the instructions say that you could place Snuggies after wearing the ring, I find that it's easier to slip it on first before putting the ring on. So this is my "Before" shot -

And these are the "After" shots -

My sister uses band aids or masking tape to serve the same purpose. She will be pleased to know that now we can keep our rings in place without the fear of having someone discover that we have rolled-up tape underneath our fingers. Heehee
I bought the Ring Snuggies at True Value, which incidentally also has safety pins! I've been looking for these for so long since moving out of my parents' house. I never found any in department stores until True Value came around. Yey.

And with that, I wish everyone a good Monday night's rest. Have a productive week ahead!
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