Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Glossary of Terms

As friends and family know, Malik isn't speaking yet. He has assigned some syllables to people, places, acts and things, but those assignments are known only to me. Of course I take pride at being able to understand what Malik is saying, above anyone else. Unfortunately, the exclusivity becomes a problem when I'm not around.

So to help my parents and in-laws interpret Malik's language, I'm compiling a list of Malik's word-assignments here. Check back often because I will be updating the list as we progress (but will be deleting it when Malik learns actual words...soon hopefully!) Here goes -

A Glossary of Malik's Terms:

"buh" - ball
"chuh" - shoot, usually with reference to the "buh"
"ter" - water
"ah" / "uh" - up meaning, he wants to go to our room upstairs
"bas" - labas meaning, he wants to go outside like this -

"ka" - pagkain meaning, he wants another bite of whatever it is you're feeding him
"tuh" - car, also called "kuh" which is often confused with "ka"
"koh" - watch a DVD, in honor of Vinko the dancing bear, who is Malik's favorite character in the Baby Genius DVD series
"karga" - eh di 'karga,' or in English 'to carry' :)

To be updated...

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