Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nasi Lemak

You'd think by now I would have tried out every single one of the restaurants in Robinsons Galleria. The fact of the matter is, I haven't. My friends from the office like to stick to just five restaurants for each day of the week. We rotate those five depending on our mood, but that's basically it.

We had to strike out one of the restaurants from the list recently because they kept substituting ingredients. Bah. So one weekend, I was assigned to scout the mall for an alternate. Our feet led us to Nasi Lemak, which claims to be a Singaporean restaurant although Google tells me that "nasi lemak" is really a Malaysian dish.

I don't know why I'll even bother with the pictures (taken with the crappy iPad camera of course) but here are what we had -

[seafood tom yum, yang chow fried rice, chicken in a pot, salt and paper squid, red ruby or water chestnuts wrapped in jello in a bowl of coconut milk]

The meal cost us around P1300, which is too much in my opinion as the food wasn't really something I would write home about. I was especially intrigued by the Red Ruby because the last water chestnuts I tasted
were from a food stall in Bangkok. Unfortunately, Nasi Lemak's water chestnuts feel drip-py. I hope you get what I mean. They felt like someone scooped them out of a runny nose. Ewww.

So in conclusion, I won't be coming back. Not even for their "famous" chicken in a pot because that really just tastes like sweet chicken adobo, that I could get elsewhere for far less than P300 a pot.

[Malik was happy with his meal only because he doesn't know any better]
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