Friday, June 10, 2011

New People and Places

Before the weekend comes around again, I'd like to share photos of people whom Malik met in the last few weekends.

[Warning: What follows is a photo-heavy post that will be of little interest to people who do not know us personally. Feel free to skip if all you care about are shoes, which isn't a bad thing, by the way. :)]

First off, Malik met Mati - who is the son of our college friends PQ and Isa. Mati is amazing. At 2 years old, he speaks five-word sentences, knows colors and shapes and also how to solve systems of linear equations. (Of course, the last one is a joke. Heehee). This is a photo of Mati teaching Malik the "fist-bump"...

... which Malik learned quickly and with much enthusiasm.

Here are the moms with our sons Malik, Rafa and Mati. Lunch was courtesy of Rafa's baptism. Congratulations!

And here are our accomplices in crime - Paolo, Richie and PQ. 

Malik also met: Alamid. You know, that band in the early 90s that had that guy (who is now a baranggay tanod) for its vocalist.
Malik was really interested in their music. Sometimes, I question his taste. Hehe

Malik met: Our friends from Victory. Not that they haven't come across each other before....

We actually see them a lot in church. Oh, here is Chol. She and PJ are expecting! Woothoot.

It's just that the other weekend was special because Ninong Daniel got married....
... to this beautiful woman right here. Hi Normi! 

Here are all the boys... 

Hi Joshua!

And finally, Malik met: Joy - who is my friend from kindergarten (!) all the way to College and is now based in Leeds in the United Kingdom. I don't know if there is anyone else in this world that I've known for that long. Sorry though that I couldn't post a better picture. Hi Mercy!

Anyway, that's that. I have to run now. I'm off to class! Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. Malik = cuteness overload! :D Thank you again for celebrating with us. We're so happy you guys came. Get together yes?

  2. Hi Normi! We should, one of these days! By the way, have you and Daniel redeemed your massage vouchers? :)


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