Saturday, June 18, 2011

No pain, no gain

My niece Jowie turned 15 this year. Being the cool aunt that I am, I decided to gift her with a trip to the waxing salon. She was excited of course. That just goes to show how little she knew about the pains we women have to endure to look slightly presentable. This should be an interesting introduction. Wahaha So this is Jowie signing up for her session.

I took her to get her legs waxed (full) and to have her eyebows threaded. The waxing I've honestly never experienced. Jowie tells me it was bearable. The threading, on the other hand, I am familiar with. The stinging, god-forsaken pain that it brings me every couple of months is difficult to forget. Ugh.

But look at where a little...fine, a LOT of pain can take you. Well, it can take you from this -

To this -

The difference is striking right? And that's all because Jowie had a little...fine, A LOT of her eyebrows pulled out! Clap,clap,clap.

On that note, I highly recommend Lay Bare Robinsons Galleria for eyebrow threading at least. When you go, ask for Cory. She does my eyebrows and she's as gentle as a butterfly...on steroids. Haha

(Eyebrow threading at Lay Bare only costs P100 and leg waxing costs P350 and P550 for half and full respectively. So reasonable no?)

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