Monday, June 27, 2011

The Opaque Shoe Box Project

I've been obsessed with organizing my shoes into plastic shoe boxes ever since I stumbled upon the clear shoe box project over at Multiply. I spent half my Saturday one weekend just transferring my shoes into new homes, the objectives being to declutter, edit and organize. My ka-OC-OCan (pronounced "ka-ok-okan" in Tagalog) resulted in these -

So you'd appreciate the beauty of this new system, let me show you the "before" shot of some of my shoes -

Other pairs were also kept under the bed like so -

Now they're still in different places in the house but at least they're neatly stacked. Yes.

My plastic shoe boxes aren't really clear but are more opaque. I got them on sale (Buy 1 Take 1) from the Landmark for P125 or around P60 each. That's a good deal considering that clear shoe boxes sell on Amazon at 10 for $35, or roughly P130 per box. Anyway, I got 32 of these boxes in the 6.3L size because I have big feet. There is enough room in a box for two flats -

Wedges and heels would fit more snuggly -

I intentionally bought only 32 boxes so I am forced to keep only 32 pairs of shoes and chuck the rest. It turns out, I can't. Although I was able to let go of some shoes, I still had to squeeze in 2-3 pairs in some of the boxes. Oh well. At least now I'm down to around 50 pairs, and everytime I buy new shoes, I know that I must first let go of a pair because I don't have space for both anymore. Yey.

After adopting this organizing system for about a week, I realize that clear plastic would have been the better option. It's because spotting the right shoes in the opaque ones can be difficult. I spend more time now looking for shoes in boxes that all look alike! Anyway, this can be remedied by pushing the boundaries and further organizing your shoes by color, height, ocassion or...alphabetically according to brand. It really depends on how crazy you are. As for me, this is as far as my "psychological condition" goes. Goodluck!

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  1. Omg i need to organize too. Open closets for shoes just dont work

  2. how about taking a photo of the shoe and place it at the inside end of the box =) so you know which pair is inside the box....
    ---girls and their shoes is a love affair---

  3. 50 pairs of shoes! *gasp* :D I'm not sure, but I think I only have around 10 pairs :)

  4. Patingin Mel when you're done. For a while everyone was using those shoe wheels, but I didn't think shoes looked neat enough in them.

  5. Hi Claire! I love your shoe rack. Too bad we have to deal with dust here in Manila. Like Mel said, open shelves just don't seem to work here!

    PS Congratulations on your pregnancy! Yipee.

  6. Hi Kate! Over the years I've learned to value quality over quantity so I may just edit my shoes some more. Ten pairs is a reasonable number, especially if what you have are the classics!

  7. Hi Gladi! I'll definitely check out these opaque boxes! I'm afraid to count how many shoes I have. I hope I have less than 50 :)) Thanks for visiting my blog :) I can't believe it's on your side rail! Thank you so much for that. The short hair looks good on you. I'm so flattered! Hey, if you can, please join me on Google Friend Connect. It's at the bottom of my side rail.


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