Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shoes make me happy

I always say, just 'cause I can't afford to buy new shoes at the moment, doesn't mean I can't admire them. So tonight we're going to look at purteeh purteeh footwear, which I already bought in my head and are thus now stored in my imaginary shoe closet but have had no effect on the contents of my real world wallet. Good deal. Okay, first let's have a go at the Amazona platform sandal from Melissa -

Lovely right? These cost around PhP4,500. Here's a photo of Katy Perry wearing them -

Woothoot. And then let's take a look at these pairs from Virtual Mae -

As you can see, I appear to be drawn to platforms in bright colors lately. I also love those Prada-ish brogues from Virtual Mae. But after having been informed of how much they cost (Php8,550!) I figured...pass na lang pow.

P.S. Virtual Mae is a local retailer of imported shoes that appear to be designer alternatives. Prices at Virtual Mae are not cheap - think PhP2,800 to PhP9,000 a pair - which I hope reflects on the quality of their footwear. I can't include a link to Virtual Mae's Multiply website in this post because Blogpress doesn't allow it. But if you're interested, you can just Google and I'm sure the shop will turn up. Virtual Mae is also at The Mall at stylebible.ph.

P.P.S. Sorry about the low res pictures. For that, I also blame Blogpress.:(

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